What's New in Field View 2023 R9

With the eighth release of Field View in 2023, we continue our behind the scenes work to make Field View better for you. We also updated the mobile functionality for a better experience.

Android Mobile Device Updates

We updated some features on Android devices to make their functionality more accessible and simpler to use. You can now easily see calibrated areas in a plan and access the workflow status of a form.

Removal from Classic Field View

We spent time moving features that appear in Classic Field View into New Field View in preparation for ending use of Classic Field View. Upcoming work includes:

  • Task reference links leading to task information reports in the new web experience. This is currently scheduled for 2023 R11.

  • Removing task reports that are currently available in new web. This is currently scheduled for 2023 R11.
  • Moving form tasks and processes.This is currently scheduled for 2023 R11.