Check Review User Guide

Instructions to review processed checks and checks awaiting processing in the Vista Check Review module.

Note: You must have permission from a System Admin to access Check Review in the portal.
  1. Select Financial Controls > Check Review.
  2. Choose Processed Checks (a) or Checks in Batch (b).
  3. Processed Checks: use filters on the left (c) to modify the search and select Search. To see the check stub, select View (d).
    The View button will show the last attachment added to the AP Payment Posting batch header. If there are more than one attachment, you will not see all attachments here.
    Note: When searching for specific checks, enter check number in the Check Number Start field. The Export PDF option shows to allow you to download the check and invoice attachment for the check.
  4. When reviewing Checks in Batch, or checks still in AP Batch Process in Vista, use the filters on the left side (g) and then select Show Index (h). You will then be able to see all check currently in the batch. Select View (i) to see the details as well has the reject button.
  5. Select View (j) to see a rendering of the check stub.
  6. If you Reject the check (k) the check is removed from the batch and an email is sent from the portal to the Batch Creator in Vista.
    Note: When a check is removed, the check number is also removed. The ability to re-use the check number is based on you company setup in Vista.