Add Annotations and Stamps to Invoices

This setting will allow your users to add additional comments or stamps to an invoice attachment.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > Invoice Attachment and enable Invoice Annotations.
    Check Annotation - Delete original if non-PDF to replace non-PDF files after adding annotations.
  2. You must attach stamps to either HQ Company Setup or AP Company Parameters using the Attachment Type ID.
    Make sure to add a description to each attachment, this is how they will be labeled in the portal.
  3. To use stamps, select Financial Controls > Invoice Review > Select invoice to edit.
  4. Select the pencil icon above the attachment window.
    You may need to log out and log back into the portal before they are available for use.
  5. The Add Annotation window opens.
    1. Add annotation text, select font size (S, M, L) and select color.
    2. Add stamp, select one that is shown.
    3. Select the position on page for the annotation or stamp.
    4. Select page for annotation or stamp to be applied.
    5. Select Add Annotation, this annotation is now a Pending Annotation.
    6. Select Return to Invoice to save changes to invoice.
    7. Select Cancel to cancel changes made.