AP Invoice Review Portal Configuration

Steps required to enable the AP Invoice Review module in the portal.

Note: You must be a System Admin to access these settings. Be sure to review your license before you enable this feature to make sure you are not adding additional costs.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > General Configuration.
  2. Enable AP Unapproved Invoice Review.
    The Invoice Review feature in the portal is now activated. Users assigned to invoices in Vista will be able to see and review invoices in the portal.
    Note: By default, users will not have access to AP unless they have been enabled to access the portal with a module assignment in User Access (such as Earnings or Personal Info). If you have users who are only using the portal for AP (and therefore do not have anything to enable in User Access) enable the setting Enable invoice approval only access if no other permissions are assigned (AP Invoice Review > General Configuration). Select Show Advanced Settings to see this setting.
  3. Select Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > Advanced Configuration. Enable Hide all invoice amounts for members of this employee group for employee groups that should be restricted from viewing the dollar amounts on invoices in the portal.
  4. Select Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > General Configuration. Assign the AP Companies to enable in the portal. For multiple companies put a semi-colon between each company, no space. Only invoices assigned to these AP Companies will be available in your portal.
  5. Enable the Companies per Line Item Type with the following settings found under AP Invoice Review > Invoice Line Item:Enabled EMCo for lookups, Enabled GLCo for lookups, Enabled INCo for lookups, Enabled JCCo for lookups, Enabled SMCo for lookups.
    By default all line items are enabled in your portal, but if these settings are not configured you will not be able to edit these line item types. You can change the behavior and the Line Items available in the settings found in the Invoice Line Item section.
  6. Assign AP approvers by employee group with Restrict AP Approvers in the Portal to only members of this Reviewer Group (Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > General Configuration). Once configured, select an employee group to assign as your AP approver group with the drop-down menu.
    Note: If you were actively managing AP Reviewers via an HQ Reviewer Group in Vista, as of the 23.8 installation, the portal no longer respects those changes. You must manage AP reviewers via the employee group assigned to Restrict AP Approvers in the Portal to only members of this Reviewer Group.
  7. Review and modify the portal settings within the sections listed below. The most common choices have been defaulted, but you should review to ensure the behavior aligns with your business practices and processes. Select each setting in your portal to see detailed notes on the behavior and options.
    1. General Configuration are settings that apply to the entire AP Invoice Review module.
    2. Approval/Rejection has certain rules you can enable/disable related to the approval or rejection of AP Invoices.
      Note: By default, the portal supports PO Audit Options in Vista AP Company Parameters. To configure your portal to ignore AP Company Parameters, you must enable the portal setting Prevent Approver if over PO Amount (defaults to disabled).
    3. Invoice Attachment allows you to choose if users can add additional attachments to the record or add annotations to existing documents. For more information see Add Annotations and Stamps to Invoices.
    4. Invoice Grid portal settings change the grid layout on the Invoice Review page. Users may also see invoices for other HQ Reviewers if their VA user is listed on the Users tab on the HQ Reviewer in Vista. They will be able to filter by HQ Reviewer at the top of the Invoice Grid page.
      Note: Create an employee group and assign them to portal setting User Group with permission to create new Invoice Headers. This permission allows users to create AP Invoice Headers. After creating the header, these users will only see the header if they are assigned as a reviewer. If the creator has access, they can change the Invoice Description and Invoice Dates while on that invoice header after it has been added.
      Note: To allow users to immediately edit an invoice when they create an AP header, enable the portal setting Enable invoice approval for invoices with no line items. This setting must be enabled if you are using the portal setting User Group with permission to create New Invoice Headers.
    5. Invoice Header settings modify the header of the invoice on the Invoice Detail page.
    6. Invoice Line Item settings determine how users see and edit line items in the portal.
      Note: Review these settings carefully, some of these settings affect other options.