Review Vista Configuration

The AP Invoice Review feature works with Vista for unapproved invoices and reviewers. Review the following to configure the portal.

  1. Review the AP Approvers assigned in HQ Reviewer Group have the following:
    1. Check that each User in HQ Reviewers has a VA User Profile User name (User name tab).
    2. Make sure that the VA User Profile includes the HR Employee Details . If not they will not be able to see the Invoices they are assigned to.
    3. You can confirm the link to your VA user and HQ Reviewer is accurate by going to Admin > User Access in your portal and filtering to Financial Controls.
      Note: VA User Profiles do not need to be active to approve AP in the portal.
  2. Review each Invoice Type to make sure a reviewer or reviewer group is assigned in the location below:
    1. Job assigned from JC Jobs.
    2. Inventory assigned by the location’s Reviewer Group.
    3. Equipment assigned by the EM Department’s Reviewer Group.
    4. Expense assigned by GL Account.
    5. EM Work Order assigned by Equipment, which is EM Department.
    6. Purchase Order assigned through the Job the purchase order was assigned to.
    7. Subcontract (SL) assigned from the Job.