My new line item in AP Approval Invoice disappeared!

When users are not approvers for a particular job and add a new line item in AP Approval, the line "disappears" when saved.

  1. When a new line is entered and saved in an invoice within the portal AP Invoice Review page, the line is added in Vista as well.
  2. Vista receives the Job information, and automatically updates the Reviewer Group (1) and the Reviewers (2) to the users assigned to review the particular job.
  3. If the user who entered the new line item through the portal is not a reviewer for that particular job, the line will seem to disappear upon clicking Save within the portal.
    The line item will show up correctly for those who have permission to approve it.
  4. Check if the user is a member of the reviewer group for a particular item:
    1. Select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP Unapproved Invoice Entry.
    2. Select the invoice currently under review in the portal (3) and the line item just entered and saved (4), select Info (5).
  5. The Reviewer Group (6) listed within the Info tab is the Reviewer Group assigned to that particular item. Click the Reviewers tab (7) to see the members of this Reviewer group.
  6. In the Reviewers tab, highlight an individual Reviewer (8) and press F5 to see which individual users are included within that Reviewer Group. select User Names to confirm which Vista User Names are associated with that Reviewer (9).
  7. If you do not see the user who coded the line item, the line item will "disappear" from their view when they click save because they do not have permissions to approve that item. If you want the user to have permission to approve that item, you will need to add them to the Reviewer Group.