Using HQ Reviewers With the View and Approve Self Only Option

When reviewers are set up to View and Approve Self Only in Vista, if they add an invoice line that they are not the first sequence of approval on, the invoice line disappears. This is expected behavior. This changes the invoice in Vista to the Not Ready status because the headers and the invoice line item totals no longer match.

Configuration Recommendations:
  • Disable the Require invoice total to equal sum of all lines option in Vista (AP Company Parameters > Invoice Options > Require invoice totals to equal sum of all lines for reviewers with the View and approve self only option selected.
  • Enable the Invoice Line Item detail must equal the header total prior to approval option in the web portal (Financial Control's Admin > Portal Settings > AP Reviewer > Approval/Rejection > Invoice Line Item detail must equal the header total prior to approval).
    • Invoices are still reviewable, but no approvals can be made until the invoice is balanced. With these settings, it is recommended to make sure all of your invoice reviews happen inside the web portal, not Vista, to ensure no invoices are approved if the header doesn't match the invoice line totals.
    • This allows the reviewer to balance the header and line item amounts before routing it to the next approver.

Alternative Configuration:

  • Enable the HQ Reviewer groups in Vista with the View and Approve self and lower levels option.
  • When creating a new invoice line, the portal allows the reviewers to have Invoice Header amounts and Invoice line items totals that do not match without setting the Ready status back to Not Ready.