How to Use Billing Compiler

Compile owner billings and backup document exports from source documents in Vista's Job Cost Detail.

  1. Select Financial Controls > Billing Compiler.
  2. Select the Company and Contract to create a bill.
  3. Choose a compile mode:
    • Select Bill to select a specific bill and add additional pages from the Customize your output section.
    • Select Backup Only for Job Cost Detail summary and associated receipts.
  4. In Billing compile mode, select Restrict Receipts by Bill Number (for T&M) to include only receipts attracted to that bill.
    Note: When restricting receipts by bill number, Receipt Start and End dates and Month Start and End dates are no longer available.
  5. Select option to compile transactions based on
    • Receipt dates: Select Receipt Start and End dates.
    • Reporting month: Select Month Start and End dates.
  6. In Customize your Output, select the Contract items, phases, pages, and signature blocks to include.
  7. Select Download as PDF to compile the bill into a single PDF.
    To download as individual files, select Zip. The attachments will sort by Month, Transaction Type, Vendor, AP Ref, and Cost Trans.
    If integrating with JC Field Tickets, the compiled bill includes details for approved field tickets and field ticket PDFs.