Approve Job Billing

After a bill is submitted, the bill is marked Ready to Review in Vista. The bill shows in the Job Billing Review page in the portal for users assigned to the bill.

  1. Select Approval > Job Billing Review. The main grid shows bills assigned to you.
  2. Choose to approve or reject bills form the grid, or select a bill to edit, approve, and reject.
  3. To see other reviewers, select View Workflow on the Billing Details page.
    • The Reviewer filter at the top of the page allows users to filter by each reviewer the VA user is assigned to. To approve as all reviewers, select All Reviewers.
    • The portal does not follow approval sequences. All reviewers will be able to approve a bill as soon as it is submitted.
  4. Select Show Approved/Rejected Bills. This view shows already approved or rejected bills, to undo an approval or rejection, select .
  5. After all reviewers have approved the bill, it is marked as Draft Approved in Vista. The last approvers information will be stored on the JB Progress Billing tab.
  6. For the bill to be invoiced in Vista, the Billing Administrator must do a final review and invoice the bill.