Enter Job Billing

The Job Billing Dashboard is a simplified version of the JB Progress Billing Page in Vista.

Note: Only users who have been enabled and have a VA user profile in Vista with their PR Co and PR Employee numbers filled in can enter job billing.
  1. Select Financial Controls > Job Billing > Job Billing Dashboard.
  2. To create a new bill, select Create Bill. A window opens to make specific selections to the bill. When finished, select Create.
    • This generate and open the progress bill on your page and on your grid. The bill will also appear in Vista’s Job Progress Billing with the VP User name as the creator of the bill with the date it was created.
    • Contract items added to your Bill are dependent on the "Bill Initialization Option" selected. If your Contract only has Bill Type "B-Both" and you select P for "Progress Items Only" your bill will not have any contract items.
    • Bill month is defaulted to the last opened bill month. Users will not be able to select a bill month that has been closed.

  3. To view, edit, and submit a bill for approval select the bill from the grid.
    • If you update the “% Complete” or “This Bill Units,” the corresponding columns update.
    • If you update "SM Purchased" or "SM Installed," the "Net Invoice SM" and "SM Retainage" columns update.
    • For items with a Lump Sum unit of measure, update the progress by entering a new “% Complete” or the “This Bill WC Amount”. When one field is changed, the other two automatically recalculate.
    • If "Allow Changes to Previous and Contract Amounts" was enabled in Vista's JB Company Parameters, users can also edit the "SM Previous" column
    • For items with units, you can update progress by changing amounts in the “% Complete”, “This Bill Units”, or “This Bill WC Amount” fields.
      Note: Stored Materials purchased for a contract item increase the Total, whereas ‘installed’ materials decrease the total.
  4. Select Actions to update Shipping Info, Edit Notes, and add Attachments.
  5. To see who will review once the Bill is submitted select View Workflow.
  6. When you are ready to submit, select Submit. When submitted the bill will be marked ready for review in Vista's JB Progress Billing with the User ID (VA User profile) and date. Those who are assigned to approve and also have permission to Progress Billing in the portal, they will be able to approve on the Job Billing Review page (Approval > Job Billing Review).
    If you are a reviewer of the bill you will be able to select Approve or Reject on the Billing Details page.