How to Use Open Billing Review

View and add notes to any open bill.

  1. Select Financial Controls > Open Billing Review.
  2. In the Company dropdown, select the company with the bills that you want to view.
  3. Use the Group By dropdown to group the selected company's bills by a particular category. You can select No Grouping, or choose one of the following options:
    • Customer
    • Contract
    • Project Manager
    • Department
    • Aging
  4. Use the Filter By dropdown to further limit the bills that display based on your selected grouping.

    For example, if you are grouping by customer, the Filter By dropdown menu lists all customers with open bills. You can select or deselect specific customers from the dropdown. Note that all items in the list are selected by default. This dropdown menu also allows you to filter by Material Sales or SM Work Order.

  5. Use the Search field to search for a bill by any of the values shown in the columns.

    For example, you can search for a specific bill number, invoice date, or customer name. The grid filters immediately to reflect only the bills that match your search criteria.

    Note: Invoices that already have notes on file display with a bookmark icon next to the invoice date.
  6. To view the details of an item in the grid, select that item.

    Every invoice shows invoice details and a notes section. You can view past notes added to the invoice or add a new note. All invoice details come from open invoices in Accounts Receivable in Vista.

  7. To add a note, you must enter a value in each field in the Add a Note section:
    • Contact Name: Enter or search for a contact name.
    • Date Contacted: Defaults to today's date, but you can modify this date as needed.
    • Summary: Enter a short description for your note.
    • Notes: Enter your note.
  8. If the bill has an existing note, a Past Notes section displays. To modify this note, select the Edit button in the Past Notes section.

    Only the Summary and Notes of a past note may be modified.

  9. After you are finished adding or editing a note, select Save.

    This pushes the note to AR Credit Notes in Vista.