How to Use Open Billing Review

View and add notes to any open bill.

  1. Select Financial Controls > Open Billing Review.
  2. In the Company drop-down, select the company with the bills that you want to view.
  3. Use the Group By drop-down to group the selected company's bills by a particular category. You can select No Grouping, or choose one of the following options:
    • Customer
    • Contract
    • Project Manager
    • Department
    • Aging
  4. Use the Filter By drop-down to further limit the bills that display based on your selected grouping.

    For example, if you are grouping by customer, the Filter By drop-down lists all customers with open bills. You can select or deselect specific customers from the drop-down. Note that all items in the list are selected by default.

  5. Use the Search field to search for a bill by any of the values shown in the columns.

    For example, you can search for a specific bill number, invoice date, or customer name. The grid filters immediately to reflect only the bills that match your search criteria.

    Note: Invoices that already have notes on file display with a bookmark icon next to the invoice date.
  6. To view the details of an item in the grid, select that item.

    Every invoice shows invoice details and a notes section. You can view past notes added to the invoice or add a new note. All invoice details come from open invoices in Accounts Receivable in Vista.

  7. To add a note, you must enter a value in each field in the Add a Note section:
    • Contact Name: Enter or search for a contact name.
    • Date Contacted: Defaults to today's date, but you can modify this date as needed.
    • Summary: Enter a short description for your note.
    • Notes: Enter your note.
  8. If the bill has an existing note, a Past Notes section displays. To modify this note, select the Edit button in the Past Notes section.

    Only the Summary and Notes of a past note may be modified.

  9. After you are finished adding or editing a note, select Save.

    This pushes the note to AR Credit Notes in Vista.