Allow Users to Edit Their SMS Settings

Users may edit SMS settings through Personal Info or Paperless Consent settings.

  1. To allow users to edit SMS settings in Personal Info:
    1. Ensure that the following three required fields have been added to Personal Info from the Request Settings page (Employee Tools > Request Settings):
      • udCellPhoneCarrier
      • CellPhone
      • email
    2. Select Admin > User Access, and ensure that users have access to Personal Info where they can update cell phone and email fields
  2. To allow users to edit SMS settings via paperless settings:
    Note: Users can update paperless settings from the pop-up they see the first time they log in to the portal, or from the navigation bar by selecting Manage Paperless Setting from the dropdown under their name. However, you must enable paperless consent as described in the following steps. Users do not need access to Personal Info to update SMS information through paperless settings.
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > Paperless Consent.
    2. Enable the following two settings:
      • Users must confirm cell phone, carrier, and email address on login
      • Show Carrier on the Paperless Audit Prompt
      Important: DO NOT enable these settings until you have tested the udCellPhoneCarrier field to confirm that it works. See Configure SMS Messages for details.
    3. To require users to complete paperless settings, enable the portal setting Require cell phone, carrier, and email fields during paperless consent.
    4. Changes to paperless consent portal settings are subject to approval in Personal Info. To turn off the approval requirement, select Employee Tools > Request Settings, and for the udCellPhoneCarrier field, change the Approval Workflow to Field Validation Only.