Assign Admin Roles

On the Admin Roles page, System Admins can grant users specific administrative permissions by module.

A user's Admin Role applies to a selected PR company and PR group. Admin Roles include Benefits Admin, Timecard Admin, Expense Admin, and Security Admin. See Admin Role Descriptions for more details.

Watch the following video to learn how to assign admin roles to users. For written instructions, see the steps below.

  1. Select Admin > Admin Roles.
  2. In the Administrator field, enter or search for the name of the user to assign administrative rights to.
    Note: If the user is already an administrator, you can select the magnifying glass next to the Administrator search box at the top of the grid to enter and search for that user's name.
  3. Select the PRCo and PR Group that these admin rights should apply to.
  4. Select Add to add the new administrator to the grid.
  5. Select the checkbox for each admin role that this user should have.
  6. To remove an administrator, select the red x for that user's line in the grid.