Assign Users Access to Modules

On the User Access page, System Admins and Security Admins can grant users access to application modules, set initial passwords, unlock users, and change settings for inactive users.

The User Access page also shows a current count of licensed users compared to contracted users by module.

Employees listed on the User Access page come from the PR Employees module in Vista. When new hires are added to Vista's PR Employees, their names display on the User Access page automatically. All users have access to Earnings and Personal Info by default. To change default access, use Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Default Profile.

Important: Users who have not been granted access to a module cannot log in to the portal.
  1. Select Admin > User Access.
  2. Select a Filter Type: PR Group or Employee Group:
    • If you select PR Groups, the PRCo and PR Group dropdowns are available for selection.
    • If you select Employee Group, the Employee Group dropdown is available for selection.
    The list of available modules changes based on the access group.
  3. If filtering by PR Group, select a PRCo and PR Group. If filtering by Employee Group, select an Employee Group.
  4. Select the Refresh Users button to refresh the list of employee names shown in the grid based on your filters.
  5. Use the Module Bundle dropdown to choose the module to grant users access to. For example, Self Service. For details on how licenses are counted for each bundle, see About Module Bundles and Licensing.
  6. To filter the list of users, you can do any of the following:
    • Search for users by name. If you enter a name in the Search Users box, select Refresh Users to refresh the list.
    • Select the Filter dropdown button, and choose to show employees by status (All, Active, or Inactive). or select to Show only locked-out employees.
  7. For each module, decide whether to give access to all users or to specific users. If you have filtered the list, your selections apply only to the users shown in the grid. To give users access to modules, you can do either of the following:
    Important: Adding a user to a module enables a license, which may affect your bill. You can view a current count of licensed users compared to contracted users at the top of the User Access page.
    • To enable a module for all users, select the checkbox in the top row of the grid for that module. The top row does not have any employee names associated with it.
    • To enable a module for specific users, select the applicable module checkbox to the right of that user's name.