Manage Lookups

On the Manage Lookups page, System Admins and Security Admins can create lookups that users can add to templates in Checklists, Performance Reviews, and Custom Tasks for Onboarding and Applicant Tracking.

Lookups can be created manually or using SQL code.
  1. To create a new lookup, from the Select a lookup dropdown, select Add New Lookup.
    Note: To edit an existing lookup, select that lookup name from the dropdown and make the necessary changes.
  2. Enter a Lookup Name (you can edit this later on).
  3. Select Add.
    You can create the lookup manually or using SQL code.
  4. If you are creating the lookup manually, under Manage Lookup Choices, enter a Database Value and Display Value for the lookup.
    • The Display Value is the value the user sees in the template.
    • Use the arrows on the far left to change the order in which lookup values display in a template.
    • Use the Trash can icon to remove a value.
    • Select the Active checkbox for the lookup value to make this value available for use in any templates where this lookup is assigned. Deselect this checkbox to keep the value without making it available in the lookup.
      Note: If you are creating a lookup for a Performance Review, the Database Value must be a numeric value in order for the that value to count toward the total review score.
  5. If you are creating a lookup using the SQL Choices Override, enter an SQL select statement to pull values from Vista.
    • Two columns should be returned: ChoiceShortName and ChoiceLongName. Use fully qualified references to Viewpoint tables, for example: select CAST(JCCo as varchar(10)) + '-' + LTRIM(Job) as ChoiceShortName, Description as ChoiceLongName from Viewpoint.dbo.bJCJM.
      Note: Viewpoint Views are not supported.
    • After you have entered your SQL statement, you can select Evaluate Lookup to test it.
      Note: Fields containing personal information (for example, SSN and BankAcct) are restricted from use in SQL queries. SQL select statements that include these fields will not run.

  6. Select the Active checkbox at the top of the page to make the lookup available for module administrators to add to templates. Deselect this checkbox to keep the lookup without making it available to add to templates.
  7. To delete a lookup, select the Trash icon at the top of the page.
    Note: Lookups that are deleted on the Manage Lookups page are automatically removed from any portal settings that they were assigned to, leaving those portal setting blank.