Assign a System Admin

System Admins configure and grant access to application modules but have limited rights to those areas themselves. The first System Admin is assigned during installation. Restrict System Admin access to key employees in your company.

Important: Only System Admins can grant administrator rights to other users or configure portal modules. System Admins must have a PR Employee profile set up in Vista. To add a System Admin who is not a PR Employee (for example, an external IT user), see Set up a Named Login User as a System Admin.

See System Admin Permissions for information about the areas of the portal that system admins can modify.

  1. Log in to the portal using System Admin credentials (employee number and password).
  2. Select Admin > User Access.
  3. In the Module Bundle dropdown, select User Setup (under General).
  4. In the Search Users box, enter the name of the user who should have System Admin rights, and select Refresh Users.
  5. Select the System Admin checkbox for the user.