Transition a Test Company to a Live Company

If you started your implementation with a test company, use these guidelines to transition to a live company.

Following are notes for general setup when transitioning from a test company to a live company. After you complete general setup, see the module links that follow these instructions for additional information.
Important: A user's identity in the portal is tied to the PR Employee profile set up for that user in Vista. When your portal company goes live, you must enable all permissions for the employee number connected to the live company.

General Setup

Follow these steps to enable your live company, ensure that users and admins have access to the live company, and manage company logos, employee groups, and login page settings.
  1. Enable your live company:
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup.
    2. In PR Company and PR Groups to be included in the Portal, enter the number for your live company.
      Important: Do NOT turn off your test company right away. You need to give yourself access as a System Admin in the live company first, as explained below.
  2. Give yourself access to the live company as a System Admin:
    1. Select Admin > User Access.
    2. Select the System Admin checkbox for yourself.
    3. Assign other users access to the appropriate modules.
    4. Enroll in the portal with the new PR company and employee number.
  3. Verify that other administrators have been set up in the live company and been given the appropriate permissions:
    1. Select Admin > Admin Roles.
    2. Verify that administrators have been set up for the live company.

  4. Verify your logo setup:
    1. If you have multiple companies and want to use a specific company for all logos, select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup, and enter your live company number in Company number to use for company logo.
    2. If your logo defaults based on the company you are logged in to, verify that this company's logo has been set up in Vista's HQ Company Setup.
    Note: For more information on setting up company logos, see Set Up a Standard Company Logo.
  5. Verify that you have set up Employee Groups for employees in your live company.
  6. Verify Login page settings:
    1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Security / Login > Log In Page.
    2. Confirm your login settings. See Modify Portal Security and Login for details.
    3. Confirm that your live company is included in the setting List of companies to show in the log in dropdown.

Module Setup

See the following sections for general notes about module setup when transitioning from a test company to a live company.