Issues Fixed in Financial Controls 2021 R2

The following issues were fixed in the Financial Controls R2 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Printing manually attached W-2s for employees who had opted out of W-2 Paperless Delivery Consent. 101176
For companies using direct login URLs, resolved issue submitting support requests. 100756
UD fields were missing for first-time installations of the portal and Vista 2020 R2. 101349

AP Invoice Review

Issues Fixed Issue #
Approved invoices remained in the approval grid when portal setting Show "All My Reviewers" by default in Reviewer dropdown was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > Advanced Configuration). 101184
Text was not clearing when going to the next invoice. 100753
Manually entered Discount Amount values were overwritten when editing the invoice line item. 101235

Job Billing

Issues Fixed Issue #
Job Billing approve / initialize function was displaying the following error message: Execute permission was denied on the object bspJBTandMinit. Users were not able to approve / initialize job billing. 101136

Purchase Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
Reserve PO button was disabled when an attachment was deleted.
PO Requisitions were not appearing in Purchasing Agent Dashboard for processing. 101203
Tax type defaulted to VAT instead of CAN if country code was set to Canada. 101211
Pending PO was not displaying for all approvers in the workflow after the first reviewer had approved the PO. 101197

Open Billing Review

Issues Fixed Issue #
Open Billing Review filters. 101155