Issues Fixed in Financial Controls 2021 R5

The following issues were fixed in the Financial Controls R5 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Bulk module assignment on User Access page was disregarding Employee Group filters. 103181
Export License Report was showing Progress Billing licenses as being assigned to unlicensed users. 103545
Financial Controls licenses were activated for inactive employees assigned to an HQ Reviewer Group with an open invoice. 103768
An "invalid column name 'JCFTKeyID'" error displayed when updating to the 2021 R4 portal version or when running Refresh Synonyms in 2021 R4. 103539

AP Invoice Review

Issues Fixed Issue #
Invoice amounts were showing for users in the employee group selected in Hide all invoice amounts for members of this employee group (Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > AP Review > Advanced Configuration). 103958
For invoices created in Vista, job reviewer groups were being reassigned when modifying an invoice line item in AP Invoice Review. 103266
Reviewers assigned in AP Unapproved Invoice Entry in Vista were cleared when editing equipment line types in AP Invoice Review. 103322

Purchase Orders

Issues Fixed Issue #
Standard PO's created on the PO Dashboard were set as Pending PO's when the portal setting Process Requisitions to create Pending Purchase Orders was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > General Configuration). 103825
PO Quick Create was not saving the Phase Code to the PO header Notes when the following portal settings were enabled: Process PO Quick Create through PO Pending and Enable Phase entry for PO Quick Create (Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Quick Create). 103178
PO Quick Create required a dollar amount to reserve a PO number when portal setting Quick Create - Require dollar amount was disabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Quick Create). 103322
Ordered By was blank for SM Purchase Orders that started as PO Requisitions. 103599

Job Billing

Issues Fixed Issue #
The Invoice Total was not updating when adjusting Stored Materials fields. 103770