Issues Fixed in Financial Controls 2022 R5

The following issues were fixed in the Financial Controls R5 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
The portal update to version 22.4 failed for customers who attempted to update from versions prior to 22.2. The following error message was generated: Invalid column name 'DateCreated'. 107790 and 108001
Note: Resolved in an update after release 22.4+.
Windows Authentication failed for users if the Active Directory domain had more than 1,000 user objects. 107045
Portal setting fields that allow rich text formatting are now limited to 20,000 characters. Previously, in rare cases in which customers had rich text entries beyond this limit, the web portal failed to launch and generated the following error message: Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer. The length of the string exceeds the value set on the maxJsonLength property. 107664
Portal settings that have a password or an encrypted key now have a Clear button that you can use to clear an existing value from that setting. 108002

AP Invoice Review

Issues Fixed Issue #
There was a delay between changing an Invoice line item to a Job that a user was not a reviewer for and the invoice being removed from that reviewer's Invoice Approval grid. 107765
Invoice Line Items were displayed twice. 107857