Project Guidance

You can use the Project Guidance tab on a BIM Home page to view important information that is relevant to all project stakeholders.

The information is presented in the following sections:

  • Employer's Information Requirements - This section details the collaboration process, which defines how, when and where project information is shared. It also lists the data exchange format.
  • BIM Execution Plan - This section conveys key aspects of the survey strategy, such as the use of laser scanning, point clouds, and GPS. This section may also include data formats, template information, origin points, and other related information.
  • Project Protocols - This section includes discipline-based roles and the responsibilities of each; project coordinates and working units; the technology strategy, which details required file types by role; and model naming conventions to be enforced.

An administrator with access to the Configure Project Protocols function can set up the information that displays in Project Guidance.