Create Discussion Containers

Before you can create discussions, you need to create a discussion container that they will be stored in.

Discussion containers can only be created at the project level and cannot be created within a document container.

  1. Right-click on a Project and select New > Discussion Container.
    The Discussion Folder Configuration Form appears.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for your discussion container.
  3. Under Timescale Properties, enter the maximum number of days that you want to pass before you receive a response to discussions in this container in Days From.
  4. If there are users that you want to automatically be pulled into all new discussions in this container, add them as Recipients.
  5. If you want all new discussions in this container to be private and visible only to participants, select Private.
  6. If you want this discussion container to also be an email drop box, select Email drop box.
    If this option is selected, you can send an email to the email drop box address and a new discussion will be created automatically.
  7. If you want to make some fields mandatory when users create discussions, click the plus icon next to Field Preferences and set the fields you want to make mandatory to True.
  8. Click Finish and click OK.