Change the Email Notification Subject

At the enterprise level, you can configure the email notification subject lines to display customized text. This will filter down to all of the sites and projects below it, so that all email notifications are formatted in the same way (for example, all new upload notifications or workflow notifications).

Note: If a customized email header is not configured, a standard subject line will include the following information:
  • Notification Type
  • Project Name
  • Item Name
  • Revision
  • Status
  • Shortcode
  1. Right-click on an enterprise and navigate to Configure > This Container.
  2. Expand the Email Header Format section.
  3. Enter the information that you want to include in the subject line in the Header field. Click the Click Here link to see a list of available tokens (for example, [enterprise], [site] or [project]).
    The subject line cannot be longer than 255 characters.
  4. Click Finish.