Configure the Container Features

Administrators can control which container features are available in an enterprise, site and project (for example, the personal container, personal calendar, directory, etc.).

  1. Right-click on an enterprise, site or project and navigate to Configure > This Container to open the Container Setup Wizard dialog.
  2. Open the Container Preferences section. A container can either inherit the container features from its parent or, you can select the specific features that will apply.
  3. Click the Plus icon in the Features section.
    The Container Features dialog displays the features that have been inherited from the parent.
  4. To change the enabled features, deselect the Inherited From Parent check box and select the features that should be enabled. Click here for a description of each feature.
  5. Click OK to return to the Container Setup Wizard dialog, which lists the enabled features.
Users who can configure an enterprise, site, or project can now choose whether they want the file extension included within the name of the document when uploading a document.