Document Naming Conventions

You can use the Naming Convention feature to force documents uploaded to Viewpoint For Projects™ to adhere to a specific naming convention, ensuring consistency among document names.

Note: To enable the Naming Convention feature, you must contact Support and request that the feature is turned on. Also note that Multi-File Upload needs to be enabled in order for the feature to work fully.

When enabled, the user who uploads the document is responsible for entering the document name in a series of Name Validation fields that conform to the defined protocol. The application validates each value entered against the protocol. In the example below, the BS 1192 protocol is being enforced.

An administrator can configure portions of the name to pre-fill in the Name Validation field for all documents uploaded. For example, when the BS 1192 protocol is enabled, the administrator can configure the project portion of the name at the project container level.

For additional portions of the name, if the user enters a value that does not match the protocol, the application displays an error message that provides specific information on how to correct the error. In the image below, the application displays an error related to the company value in a BS 1192-based name.

If the file you select to upload is already named according to the protocol, the application automatically fills in the name for you on the registration form and suggests auto-corrections if necessary. For example, if the project portion of a BS 1192-based name doesn’t match the project value that was set by an administrator, the application provides an auto-correct link. You can select the auto-correct link to have the application automatically correct the project value.