Configure a Naming Convention

Enterprises, Sites, and Projects can accommodate naming conventions that conform to BS1192. In order to deploy a naming convention at your chosen level, you must first configure it at the Enterprise or Site level.

You must have the Naming Convention Container feature enabled. If you do not, contact Support to enable it.

To configure a naming convention for an Enterprise or Site:
  1. Right-click the Enterprise or Site you want to apply a naming convention to.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Naming Convention > Configure.
    The Naming Convention - Configure screen appears.
  3. Hover over configurable components' buttons to view additional contextual information.
  4. Click any configurable component's button to manage its contents.

    The Configure Selections window appears.

  5. Add new content and/or edit or delete existing content for any configurable component.
  6. Click Finish to save your changes or Back to cancel without saving.
VFP applies your selections to all files uploaded to the Enterprise or Site.

If you haven't already, you must deploy your configurations. See Deploy a Naming Convention.