Create a New Naming Convention

Administrators can create customized naming conventions for document containers, and any sub-containers, separate from the pattern of the BS1192 naming convention.

  1. Right-click the Enterprise name in the navigation tree.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Naming Convention > Configure.
    The Naming Convention - Configure screen appears.
  3. Click Create New Pattern to configure your new naming convention pattern and components.
    The Naming Convention - Add New screen appears.
  4. In the Pattern Name field, enter a name for the new naming convention.
  5. Add new content for any configurable component.
  6. Click Finish to save your changes.
    The newly configured naming convention appears on the Naming Convention - Configure screen.
  7. Right-click the Enterprise, Site, or Folder with this new naming convention you want to deploy to your current context.
  8. Navigate to Configure > Naming Convention > Deploy.
    The Naming Convention - Deploy screen appears.
  9. Click Apply next to the naming convention you want to deploy to your current context.
    The Apply button changes to Applied, and the new naming convention is applied. From here you can:
    • Click Applied next to the applied naming convention, to remove the pattern from the context.
      Note: This will remove the pattern from all sub-containers.
    • Click Switch next to another naming convention to switch this pattern at this context.
      Note: This will affect the pattern for all sub-containers.