Deploy a Naming Convention

Viewpoint For Projects™ can apply file naming conventions at each of Enterprise, Site, and Project levels that adhere to BS1192 protocol. You must choose which naming convention you want to deploy and tailor it to your chosen location.

In order to deploy a naming convention at your chosen level, you must first configure it at the Enterprise level. See Configure a Naming Convention.

To deploy and tailor a naming convention to your current context:
  1. Right-click the Enterprise, Site, or Folder you want to apply a naming convention to.
  2. Navigate to Configure > Naming Convention (and then to Deploy if you are at the Enterprise level).
    The Naming Convention - Deploy screen appears.
  3. Click Apply next to the Naming Convention you want to apply and edit.

    The Apply button toggles to Applied and your current location and all its child locations inherit the values of the Naming Convention that were configured at the Enterprise level (even if not deployed there).

    The Edit button is enabled.

  4. Click Edit to tailor the Naming Conventions values to your particular location in the tree.

    The screen expands to reveal columns of Naming Convention components selection options. If the Inherit check box is selected, the check boxes in the same column are disabled.

  5. For each component column, clear the Inherit check box.
    The check boxes for the component options in the column are enabled.
  6. Select the options you want for each component.
  7. Click Apply.

    Your settings are applied and the screen contracts to hide the columns of options.

VFP applies your chosen Naming Convention to documents, drawings, models, and data files uploaded to document containers within the Enterprise, Site, or Project.
Note: If you want a document container to be excluded from a Naming Convention that has already been deployed at a parent location, remove the applied Naming Convention by clicking the Applied button. The Applied toggles to Apply and that particular location is excluded from the Naming Convention.