Create a New Form Theme

A form theme determines how the form template will appear. For example, a form theme determines the font and border styles. Once you have created a form theme, you can apply it to any form template. This will give your form templates a consistent appearance.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Form Templates within an enterprise, project, or site.
    The Form Templates dialog appears.
  2. Open an existing form template or create a new one.
    The template appears in the Form Designer dialog.
  3. Click on the Configure () icon.
    The Form Properties and Form Theme sections are displayed.
  4. Click on the Theme Properties title to expand the section.
  5. Use the Name and Description field to enter a name and description of the new form theme.
  6. Click on the Theme Attributes title to expand the section.
    The Theme Attributes section allows you to define how the form theme will appear.
  7. Select the Add Header and / or Add Footer check boxes to add a header and / or footer to the form template.
    This will add a Header and / or Footer section under the Theme Properties section.
  8. To configure the header or footer, select the appropriate section header, enter specifications in the fields displayed, and click Save Header / Save Footer.
  9. Use the Theme Attributes section to define how the body of the form template will appear.
  10. Click Save Theme to save the new theme.