Form Repeaters

You can create repeating rows on forms to allow users to add as many rows as they need when filling in the form. For example, you may create repeating rows to allow a user to add as many expenses as they need on an expense form.

To create repeating rows, select the section you wish to add your form repeater and click the Form Repeater () icon, which is located on the icon toolbar. This places the Form Repeater field within your selected section. You can then add form fields to the Form Repeater field, dragging them to the appropriate location. The example below shows a date field, a text box, and a numeric field in the Form Repeater field.

Any fields that you add into the Form Repeater field are repeated in a new row that a user adds to the form. The user uses the icons located to the right of the fields to delete or repeat the row, respectively. The icons work only on the form itself, not on the template.