Incremental Number

An incremental field is used to count the number of times a form template is used. Each new form created from the form template automatically increments the count (i.e. the first form created will display 1, the second form created will display 2, and so on).

You can add a prefix and suffix to the value in order to further illustrate the meaning of the counter.

The starting point for the counter is 0 by default, but you can specify a different starting point if needed. You can also specify a padding value between 0 and 9. For example, if the starting point is 0 and you specify a padding of 3, the first form will display 001, the second form will display 002, and so on.

You can specify an incremental type to base the incremental value on either the form or field. If you select Form, the incremental value is unique to the form. If you select Field, the incremental value is unique to the field. Form is selected by default.