Track, Send, and Revoke Invitations

An administrator can track, resend, or revoke invitations that have been sent.

To track, resend, or revoke an invitation, navigate to Administration > Invitations in an enterprise, site, or project. A list of invitation batches sent from that level is displayed.

Note: To view all of the invitations that have been sent in an enterprise, site, and project, navigate to Administration > Invitations in the enterprise and click the Sub Containers box.

In the list of invitation batches, click on a batch to view the invitation details.

To resend the invitations to all recipients that have not already accepted the invitation, click the Redespatch icon.

To revoke a user's invitation, expand on the user and click Revoke. Alternatively, click Accept to accept the invitation on behalf of another user.

Note: You can accept an invitation on behalf of a new user only. To accept an invitation on behalf on another, you need to be the user that created the invitation.

To view details of a security group that the user was invited to, click on the name of the security group.