Convert a Container to an Email Drop Box

If you want to be able to email items to a container, you can convert an existing container into an Email Drop Box.

  1. Right-click on the container and go to Configure > This Container.
  2. Expand Email Drop Box and select Email drop box.
  3. In the Drop Box Email Address field, enter the address of the drop box, and then click the Check Availability icon to verify that the email address has not already been used on another drop box.
  4. Select the Item Status that should be assigned to the items that are emailed to the drop box.
  5. Select the Message Type of incoming emails.
    For example, select PDF if you want the emails sent to the drop box to be saved as PDFs.
    Note: If you want to discard the email and save only email attachments, select exclude.
  6. If attachments included in the email should be created as separate items, select Yes from Extract Attachments.
  7. Click Finish and click OK.