Allow Users in a Security Group to Invite Other Users

If you create a new security group with the ability to invite users, you must then give Add Members permission to the security group, too, so that its members will be able to add the invited users into security groups themselves.

  1. Click Administration under the Enterprise, Site, or Project where the security group was created.
  2. Click Security Groups.
    A list of security groups displays.
  3. Right-click on the security group and select Permissions.
  4. Select any security group from Group or Profile Permissions.
  5. Click Add Group.
    The Security Group Picker window displays with a list of all security groups in the Enterprise, Site, or Project.
  6. Select the security group that you want to give Add Members permission to and click OK.
  7. In Group or Profile Permissions, select that same security group again.
  8. In Permissions, select Allow next to Add Members.
  9. Click OK.