Create a Tender Project

Once a tender container has been created on your project, you can create a tender project.

  1. Right-click on the tender container in the main site menu and navigate to New > Tender Project.
    The Configure Tender Project dialog appears.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for your tender. Additionally, you can configure the following aspects of the tender:
    Phase Name Phase names can be specified in the tendering project to enable management of specific phases of the tender.
    Acceptance Deadline The acceptance deadline is the date by which bidders must decide to bid on the tender project.
    Return Deadline This is the deadline by which the bidders must submit their bids.
    Bidders Must Use Delivery Containers This setting forces the bidders participating in the tender to submit their bid return items in a delivery container. When this setting is not enabled, all items that the bidders have uploaded to the tender project will be visible once submitted.
    Bid Items Visible on Return This setting enables the tender manager and the rest of the tendering organization to see bid return items that have been submitted prior to the tender return deadline. When this setting is not enabled, bid return items submitted before the deadline will not be visible to the tendering organization until the tender return deadline has passed.
    Allow Bid Retrieval This setting enables the bidders to retrieve their submitted bid return items prior to the return deadline passing. This enables the bidders to carry out any necessary amendments to their bid return items and then resubmit them.
  3. Click Finish.
    The tender project is displayed in the main menu.