Send Invitations to a Tender Project

Once a tender project has been created and you have uploaded the required tender items that are ready for the bid managers, you need to create invitations for the bid managers so that they can access the tender and review the tender items.

A tender manager should only invite one bid manager per organization. Once the bid managers have access to the tender, they will then be able to invite their colleagues. Inviting bid colleagues should only be done by bid managers.

  1. Click on a tender project in the main site menu to open the Summary Page of the tender project.
  2. Open the Invite To Bid tab.
  3. Add bid managers to the list.
    • Existing users - If the bid manager is already a user of the site, enter their email address in the Search Email field. Once the bid manger is located, click Add to Invited List.
    • New users - If the bid manager is not a user of the site, click New Invitee and then enter the bid manager information in the fields that display. Once the information has been entered, click Add to Invited List.
    • New user and new organization - Click Add Organization if the bid manager belongs to an organization that has not been set up in the site. Once the organization has been created, click New Invitee.
  4. Once all of the bid managers have been added to the invite list, click Invite to send the invitation email notification(s).