Create Workflows

Workflows can control the direction of information around a project team or limit the visibility of registered items during or after workflow completion. Workflows also offer the opportunity to check an item's validity prior to its publication to a wider audience. Classic examples of where workflows have been used include the Design review process, Stage gate review process, QA Checking, and Status Reviews.

Workflows are usually created and controlled by a designated user. Functionality is very flexible and uses visual Indicators to ensure ease-of-use. The workflow designer allows you to create a flow of predefined steps which are linked with connectors to map the process required. Activity statuses on the connectors control the outcome options available to the user, ultimately resulting in an item being registered on the enterprise.

Click here for examples of workflows.

Note: If you accidentally delete a workflow, Support might be able to restore an entire Project or obtain an image capture of the workflow. Contact Support with the name and previous location of the workflow to discuss the possibility of restoring the workflow.