Add a Form Node

Use a form node to automatically create a new form and task in a workflow. You can also configure a form node to send an email notification.

Use these steps to add and configure a form node.

  1. Navigate to Advanced Nodes > Form within the Workflow Designer dialog.
  2. Connect the form node to the workflow. For example, connect it to a decision node.
  3. Right-click on the form node and click Configure.
  4. Use the Name and Description fields to enter basic information about the node.
  5. Use the Container field to select the container where the new form will be created.
  6. Use the Template field to select the form template that will be used to create the new form. Click here for information on creating a new form template.
  7. Use the Item field to set up the task that will be created.
  8. Optional: If the node should also send an email notification, enter the notification text in the Email Text field and then use the Recipients field to select the users that should receive the notification.
  9. Select the Pause Workflow check box to pause the workflow when the new form is created.
  10. Click Apply.