Add a Relocator Node

A relocator node moves an item in a workflow to a new container. It can be used to send an email to alert users of the item's new location. Like a notification node, an item does not stop at a relocator node. Instead, the system automatically moves the item to the new container and sends the email notification (if configured).

Use these steps to add and configure a relocator node.

  1. Navigate to Advanced Nodes > Relocator within the Workflow Designer dialog.
  2. Connect the relocator node to the workflow. For example, connect it to a decision node.
  3. Right-click on the relocator node and click Configure.
  4. Use the Name and Description fields to enter basic information about the node.
  5. Use the Container field to select the container that the item will be moved to.
  6. Optional: If the node should also send an email notification, enter the notification text in the Email Text field and use the Recipients field to select the users that should receive the notification.
  7. Click Apply.