Create an Activity Status

Activity statuses are user-defined statuses that are assigned to items as they progress through the stages of a workflow (for example, Needs Review, Reviewed, or Needs Approval).

Click here for information about creating a workflow and assigning an activity status to the paths in a workflow.
  1. Navigate to Administration > Activity Status within an enterprise, site or project.
    This opens the Activity Status dialog.
  2. Click the Add Activity Status link at the top of the form.
  3. Use the Name field to enter or copy and paste name information relating to the activity status.
  4. Use the Description field to enter descriptive information relating to the activity status.
    If auto naming is selected for a document container, the description field is populated with information from the related email.
  5. Select the Visible check box if non-panel members should be able to see an item with this activity status.
  6. Select the color of the activity status in the lower portion of the form.
    For example, you might have an Approved status that is green, a Waiting Approval status that is orange, and a Rejected status that is red.
  7. Click OK.
Once the activity status has been created, you can assign it to a path in a workflow. Click here for more information.