Use View and Markup

You can use the View and Markup tool to add markups to items, allowing you to annotate items without altering the item itself.

All markup entities are saved in a markup file, which is associated and overlaid on the image. There can be more than one author per markup file. A new layer is automatically created for each new markup file author (determined by the login user name), allowing them to see other author's markups but not edit them.

There are three versions of the View and Markup Tool (HTML5, ActiveX and Flash). You can choose which version of the View and Markup tool you would like to use by going to Personal Settings > User Settings > BRAVA_DEFAULT.
Tip: The default is Detect which triggers the most appropriate version based on your browser.
Please note that all documents, drawings, and new markups will be compatible in all versions of the View and Markup tool. This ensures that any user will be able to view and markup items with the same tools, regardless of the browser they are running.
Important: However, any markups created before October 10, 2015 will be compatible with the HTML Viewer.

If you'd rather use your preferred editing program on your computer to add markup to items in document containers, you can use the Desktop App to make items available offline.

To start learning about View and Markup, take this tutorial.