Generate a Personal Access Token (NA only)

Viewpoint For Projects users based in North America must generate and use a one-time personal access token (PAT) as part of their login credentials in order to use the 4Explorer and 4Outlook browser plugins.

You need a personal access token (PAT) only if you are based in North America and your Viewpoint ID has been upgraded to Trimble. The PAT is the password for authenticating new connections to VFP.
  • Plugin users - if you use 4Explorer or 4Outlook
  • API admins - if you have custom integrations
Note: You can learn more about Trimble ID here.
About this requirement: After your Viewpoint ID credentials (which you use to log in to VFP) are upgraded to Trimble, they will no longer grant access for new connections to the 4Explorer or 4Outlook plugins or to any custom APIs. A PAT is required to regain the access you need.

  1. Open the Viewpoint For Projects application in the web browser.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the application, select the person icon to open your user profile.
  3. Among the options listed, select Personal Access Token.
    The Personal Access Token screen appears.
  4. Click New Token.
    The system generates a unique token associated with your login credentials.
  5. Click copy .
    The token is copied to your clipboard.
    Note: Once you close the screen, the token is deleted permanently. If you need to generate a new token, click Revoke and then New Token to generate another.
  6. Navigate immediately to the plugin's login screen (or that of the API) and use the copied token as your password to log in.
If you log in to VFP only very infrequently, you may need to occasionally repeat these steps to acquire a refreshed token.