Additional Help and Support

Use the Viewpoint For Projects™ online Help as your first stop for answers to any questions that arise.


Use the Search field at the top of any Help page to locate content based on your search terms.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started section for a variety of tutorials about logging into the application, setting up your browser, navigating, and performing basic tasks, like uploading a document.


The FAQ section of the Help includes answers to common questions (for example, what happens if you forget your username or password, or why can't you mark up an item in a workflow or access a specific document).

Administrator's Guide

The Administrator's Guide includes information on administering an enterprise, site, or project (for example, creating workflows, setting up permissions, and sending new user invitations). Access it from the application by selecting Administrator's Guide in the left-side pane of any page.

Online Troubleshooting Guide

The online troubleshooting guide can help you with logins, workflows, permissions, invitations, and error messages.

The Viewpoint Customer Portal

Viewpoint Customer Portal is your go-to source of information, tools, training, and resources to help ensure the best utilization of your software investment. The Viewpoint Customer Portal features the following:
  • A searchable Knowledge Base of product support solutions - This is the same set of information used by our support team. You can mark articles as favorites so that you can find them again quickly, and you can subscribe to articles relevant to you so that you are notified when the content is updated.
  • Self-paced training courses - The Viewpoint Academy presents courses in bundles to ensure a smoothly structured, logical path for learning. Courses are also available individually.
  • Enhanced Chat - During regular daytime support hours, consult directly with Viewpoint support team representatives for answers to questions and solution recommendations to resolve critical issues quickly. You can find the Live Chat link on the left of any page in the Viewpoint Customer Portal.
  • Community content - Newsletters, groups, partners, and user conference materials.
  • Tracking - Track your own cases or view issues reported by others.

To access the Viewpoint Customer Portal or to register for an account, go to

Submit a Support Case from the Viewpoint Customer Portal

Our support team is a group of experienced professionals dedicated to providing you an exceptional, friendly level of support throughout the life of your projects.

If you have access to Viewpoint Customer Portal, click Request Support on the Viewpoint Customer Portal Home page. Enter as much information as possible about your issue. Be prepared to describe the steps that led to the issue and provide any supporting information, as well as steps you have already taken to try to resolve the issue.

Call or Email Support

  • Monday through Friday, 08:30 - 17:30 BST or GMT
    UK0800 987 4011
    Rest of Europe+44 1332 267611
Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore
  • Monday through Friday, 08:00 - 17:00 AEST
North America
  • Monday through Friday, 05:00 - 17:00 PST
  • 971.255.4801

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi Arabia - 800 814 3652*
  • Qatar - 0800 100 164**
  • Africa - 021 300 3622
UAE - 800 03570 3534*
Monday - Friday07:00 - 21:0008:00 - 22:00
Saturday08:00 - 12:0009:00 - 13:00
Sunday08:00 - 18:0009:00 - 19:00

*This number may not be available on all mobile network service providers. If needed, please use a landline telephone.

**Your service provider must allow international calls for this toll-free number.