Brava Viewer Failure to Download the Integration Dll

A user may have issues opening the View and Markup tool if the ActiveX version of the Brava Viewer was triggered and there was an error during its installation.

To install and function successfully, the ActiveX version of the Brava Viewer needs to do two things:
  • Download and execute its installer package.
  • Download a Projects -specific integration file.
If the computer's browser is configured as recommended in the topic Browser Optimal Setup, these steps will most likely happen automatically. However, it is not uncommon for browser, network, or Windows security to block the second step, depending on customers' IT configurations.

To resolve this error, you can add the file manually.

  1. Download the "Brava! Enterprise 7.2 Client.msi" file.
  2. Move the file to the Brava Viewer install directory. This is most likely located at C:\Users\[your username]\IGC\x8_0\[32-digit guid].
  3. Open a new browser window, login into , and attempt to open the View and Markup tool again.
    If you run into further problems or need help with this process, please contact Support.