Why are Unselected Recipients Appearing When I Add Private Security?

If you make a container Private while you creating it, recipients that you did not select may be added to Recipients. You can remove the unselected recipients by configuring permissions on the container.

When you mark a container Private, permissions inheritance for a container is broken and private permissions are applied. Any groups that previously inherited Deny permissions over the container will stop inheriting those permissions and are automatically added to the recipients list.

  1. While you are creating a container that you have marked Private, remove any security groups that automatically populate to the Recipients list by clicking the remove icon next to any security groups that you do not want as recipients.
    If you right-click on the container and go to Configure > This Container, you'll see that all groups that previously had Deny permissions are in the Recipients list.
  2. Right-click on the container and go to Configure > Permissions > Configure.
  3. From the Recipients list, select the security group that should not be there and click Remove.