Accept an invitation as an existing user

If you already have a Viewpoint For Projects™ account, you may receive additional invitations that will give you access to additional Sites, Projects, or Enterprises. By accepting the additional invitations, you are adding permissions to your account that allow you to access other Sites, Projects, and Enterprises.

If you've already created an account and you've been invited to have access to another Site, Project, or Enterprise, you'll see a Pending when you log in. If you don't want to review your invitation now, you can review it later by selecting Manage your Profiles and Pending Invitations after logging in.

  1. Click Show (and Accept) your Invitation(s).
    The Manage Your Profiles window appears.
  2. Select Accept.
  3. Select a Language.
  4. Select the profile you want to apply these new permissions to.
  5. Click Next.
    Verify that the details in the Invitation Acceptance window are correct.
  6. Click Finish.
You will now have access to the additional Site, Project, or Enterprise, and it will appear in your navigation tree.