Notification Centre

The Notification Centre is your hub for messages, actions and alerts that happen in Viewpoint For Projects.

If the Bell icon at the top of the page has a number, you have a new notification. Select the bell to see it. You must dismiss messages in order for the bell to stop showing a number.

New notifications will always be on top of the list. They'll clear after 30 days.

  • Click View to see the message.

  • Click Download in a message to download the requested file.

  • Click the X to dismiss the notification.

  • Click Dismiss All Notifications to dismiss all the notifications from the centre.

Edit Notification Subscriptions

You can determine which notifications you want to see. You will see all of them by default. Select Click here to edit notification subscriptions to edit your subscriptions.

Select the toggle button options for the notifications you want to receive, and select Apply.

Currently Available Notifications

These types of notifications are currently available:

  • COBie Data processing

  • Document processing

  • Document downloading

  • IFC Model processing

  • Invitation acceptance

  • Task changes

  • Transmittal changes

  • Workflow updates