Use the Search and Advanced Search Tabs

Use the search feature in the application to quickly find the items in the application. For example, the latest revision of a document, tasks that have been assigned to you or discussions that you are included in.

Search for items in an enterprise, site, project, or container

Right click on an enterprise, site, or project and click Search. The search options will be displayed.

You can search on item name, description and revision status, as well as searching organisations. You can also choose a date range in which the application will only bring back results within the date range you select.

Using the % wildcard

Use the % symbol as a wildcard character in the search. For example, if you are searching for an item that starts with 4PS and ends with 001, search for 4PS%001.

  • %text% - Searches for items with text in the name.
  • text% - Searches for items that begin with text.
  • text%text% - Searches for items that begin with text and contains text.

Search for latest revision

If the current revision of an item in a workflow is not visible to you because you are not a panel member, you are still able to see a previously approved revision of the item when searching. Please note this by the blank revision information column shown in the search grid. You will be able to see the previous revisions by right clicking and looking at the properties of the document.

Search for an item using a keyword

In order to find items which have used a certain keyword, you will need to perform a search. To do this, use the search bar at the top (ensure this is set on the advanced search tab). You can enter your criteria as normal in the various fields, but please note you will now see the keywords picker. Within this window, you can choose the Keyword(s) you wish to include in your search criteria.

When searching, all Keywords are shown by default. This is to allow cross project searches, however, assigned keywords to that level are displayed in bold. A user can also use the check box to toggle between an AND search or an OR search. If this box is not selected, items will be returned as long as they contain at least one of the Keywords you have selected.

Change the columns that display in the search results

You can customize the columns that display in the search results and even how the columns are organized and how the records are sorted.

Search the text inside a document

You can use the contains text search to search within your items, tasks and dicussions. For example, you can use this feature to search the text inside a PDF.

This feature works on the following file types:

.ascx .dic .hxx .mht .stm .asm .doc
.ibq .obd .txt .asp .dot .idl .obt
.url .aspx .h .inc .odc .vbs .bat
.hhc .inf .pl .wtx .c .hpp .ini
.pot .xlb .cmd .htm .inx .ppt .xlc
.cpp .html .js .rc .xls .cxx .htw
.log .reg .xlt .def .htx .m3u .rtf
.xml .pdf .docx .xlsx .pptx .xltx .ppsx