Use the Search Box

The search box at the top of the application is the quickest way to search for documents / items. This will search the entire enterprise and you can include AND, OR, and NOT arguments to your search to refine the results.

The search will include the following:

  • Document Name
  • Document Description
  • Revision Name
  • Revision Description
  • Created By (First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Profile Name)
  • Modified By (First Name, Last Name, Job Title and Profile)
  • Custom Field Values
  • Full Text Search within Files
  • Notes
  • Unique Short Code - Each document / item and revision in the application is assigned a unique key, which is the unique short code. To find the unique short code associated with a document / item, right click on it and select Properties. The unique short code displays in the Short Code field within the Document Properties dialog.


"search" Put quotation marks around you search term if only exact matches should be included in the search results. For example, searching for "Partition Wall" would return anything containing the exact phrase "partition wall", not items that only contain "partition" or "wall".
AND The search; Wall AND Partition would return anything that includes both wall and partition, but the terms do not necessarily have to be next to each other.
OR The search; Wall OR Partition would return anything that includes either wall or partition.
NOT The search; Wall NOT Partition would only return search results that included wall but not the term partition.