What's in My Action Items?

The My Action Items folder organizes items that require your attention.

My Action Items consists of four main areas:

  • Items For My Action - This section summarises any items which have directly been assigned to you (in other words, you are the Assigned To user), such as tasks or RFI's. You can take action from this screen. Once the item is assigned to another user, the item no longer appears in the Items For My Action section.
  • Items awaiting my approval - This section contains any workflow items under approval for which you are a panel member. For example, if a user uploads a drawing, and the workflow is set up with you as a panel member, the drawing will show in your Items awaiting my approval area until the workflow has moved on to a node where you are not a panel member or the workflow has terminated.
  • Items awaiting my comment - This section shows you only the workflow items which you have been asked to comment on but do not require your approval or vote to move to the next node.
  • Items awaiting my vote - This section shows you items in a workflow where you are a voting panel member and your vote is requested to move the workflow item to the next node.

You can also revise items from My Action Items section.